Store Manager, Carseldine

QTMB member since 2001.

Anne-and-TenneilleMy sister banks with QT Mutual Bank and she recommended it to me, she thinks it’s really good. And now I do too! I had some mix-ups at my previous bank, so I changed to QTMB and the service is excellent.

I like walking into my local branch, the staff take the time to answer my questions and explain things in simple terms. Finance can be confusing but they do their best to make it easy for me – no mumbo jumbo! The tellers also recommend things they think will suit me and I find this really helpful.

Being a little bit in front is important to me. It means I’ll pay off my mortgage sooner. It makes me feel safe and secure, and I like knowing that everything is taken care of. If I couldn’t work, I know my house is safe because I’m seven months ahead on my mortgage repayments. It’s easy. I’m quite frugal with my money, but I do like to splurge sometimes – and being a little bit in front lets me do this comfortably!

I’ve had negative experiences with other financial institutions, but never with QTMB. The staff know me by name, and can recognise my voice on the telephone too! I don’t think I’d find service like this at another bank and that’s why I’m happy I switched to QTMB.

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