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At Community CPS, we’re working with Kaleidoscope to bring Children Joy. Over the past few months as part of our ‘Charity of Choice’ initiative, our branches have proudly supported Kaleidoscope, the Children’s Health Network and with the generous support of our members we have donated a years supply of playdoh! Kaleidoscope is the colourful umbrella […]

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Nichole Hancock & Cameron Lee

We got our home loan through Summerland Credit Union whilst living and working overseas. We found it easier than any other loan we have ever applied for despite the fact we were a million miles away. The staff were extremely quick and thorough throughout the whole process and understood the urgency needed whilst buying a […]

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Women’s Property Intiatives

Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) is a community housing agency that develops and provides affordable rental housing for women and their children experiencing disadvantage in the Australian city of Melbourne. Operating since 1996, WPI now has 65 properties housing 173 women and children. According to the CEO of WPI, Jeanette Large the aim of the organisation […]

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Steve Tighe & Sharon Brasher

Taking the ‘traditional’ approach to our first home loan last year proved more challenging than we expected. Despite having saved 25% of the deposit, we felt continually frustrated by the ‘big banks’, as we learnt the hard way about the following: Their lack of understanding or empathy for the self-employed; Their inability to make decisions […]

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