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Inquiry will leave us all better placed to compete in a stronger financial system

In an article in the Morning Bulletin, CEO of The Capricornian John Brown is supporting the Balance Banking campaign and urging customers to have their voice heard.

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Marketers must double up on value of offerings

An opinion piece in The Australian by advertising executive Julian Martin has argued that most Australians believe the big banks are “getting away with blue murder.” Martin has conducted a “mood meter” study by interviewing 120 Australians, and focussed on how big brands are “doubling up” to capture market share by offering multiple dimensions of value.

Martin says the big banks know that “Australian families are too busy to shop around for a home loan and still a little scared by the GFC. But the reality is that there are better value alternatives in smaller banks, building societies and credit unions… and they enjoy the same regulatory protection as the big banks.” Mr Martin says the big banks will hope that the challengers can’t get this message out.

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