Mother, Chermside West

QTMB member since 2003

Charlotte-and-MichaelMy husband and I refinanced our mortgages to QTMB about two and a half years ago. The branch staff were very helpful, and sorted out the loan for the house we now live in, and helped us turn our second property into an investment property.

I was originally the QTMB member in our relationship, and I encouraged my husband to join QTMB because he just wasn’t making progress with his previous loan. I think he thinks I’m a bit better with money than he is – and he used to like to spend rather than save!

We visited the branch at Stafford and there was lots of discussion about which type of loan would be best to suit our circumstances. It was just really easy. And the rate was better than anyone else’s at the time. The branch staff remember me – and they’re always so nice about having my little daughter visit in the branch too. They really make feel as though I’m a person, not just a number, and it’s nice to have that kind of personal connection.

I have a bit of strategy with my finances! I always round up our mortgage repayments, and I keep paying the most I can afford to, even if I’m lucky enough for my interest rate to go down. I put any spare money we have in the offset account too. I’m really pleased that we’re a little bit in front with our loans. It’s good to know that there’s money sitting there, and it wouldn’t be a big deal if anything happened – we wouldn’t have to panic, and we know we’d be okay.

The other services QTMB offer are great too. They took care of all our insurances, and helped us purchase a new car through the Motor Vehicle Consultants. They were fantastic and it’s such a clever service – it literally could not have been easier!

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