Emma and Mason Williams

Teachers Mutual Bank


IMG_0622Emma’s a teacher and Mason is a marketing director, with 2 year old Charlotte (and a baby born shortly after this photo was taken).
Emma: I’ve been a member of Teachers Mutual Bank since I started teaching, and I introduced them to Mason. We have our mortgage with them, and our vehicles – including Mason’s pre-children motor bikes – were bought with loans from Teachers Mutual Bank! We’ve slowly been joining up our families too.
To us, Teachers Mutual Bank means stress-free financial management. There are never any nasty surprises. We’ve learnt over the years that no matter how the market changes, Teachers Mutual Bank is still cheaper than the others, and that’s so reassuing.
We’re confident that our finances are in a safe and good place where our wellbeing is also being considered. That’s important to us, and certainly not the case everywhere else.

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