Heritage Bank makes dreams come true for farming family

Therasa and Andrew Scholl on the site of the new home that will shortly be built on their Aratula district farm thanks to a home loan and business loan package from Heritage.

Therasa and Andrew Scholl on the site of the new home that will shortly be built on their Aratula district farm thanks to a home loan and business loan package from Heritage.

Theresa and Andrew Scholl had just about given up their dream of building a new home on the beautiful farm in the Aratula district, south-west of Ipswich, that has been in the Scholl family for five generations.

The couple and their four children lived in an old farmhouse that Andrew’s grandfather had built 80 years ago, but wanted to upgrade to a modern family-friendly home. Andrew had picked out the perfect spot – a flat, elevated pad with views across the farm to the striking hills surrounding the property.
But with a business loan in place over the 142-acre vegetable and cattle grazing property, a fruit and vegetable shop in Boonah, and being self-employed, the couple had a frustrating time trying to secure a loan to build their dream house as well.

Those circumstances made their financial situation complicated and they did not fit in the normal guidelines for many banks.
Mrs Scholl said the couple had spent five years going backward and forward between banks and mortgage brokers, trying to find someone who could come up with a home loan arrangement.

“We had just about given up. I was over it and thought that it was never going to happen. We had always had that dream of building a new house, especially with four children who we wanted to grow up in a nicer home, “ Mrs Scholl said.

That’s when the Scholl’s accounts keeper, Mrs Julie Scott, suggested Heritage Bank, the customer-owned financial institution based in Toowoomba.
Mrs Scott had previously taken out a home loan through Heritage to build a home on a rural block, and knew what they could offer.
Mrs Scott herself rang Heritage’s Ipswich branch on the Scholl’s behalf, and they organised for Business Banking Manager – Commercial and Agribusiness David McKensey to pay them a visit.

“I was sceptical at first and didn’t think there was any point, as the other banks had all knocked us back.
“But he came and spent a few hours with us, and you could tell from the start that David understood what we were talking about. He made it very clear what we needed to do and worked with us to make it happen.

“When I got the call to say the loan had been approved I just couldn’t believe it.
“He has been fantastic and the service from everyone at Heritage has been excellent, “ Mrs Scholl said.

Mr McKensey was able to organise for Heritage to refinance the business loan from another bank, and to approve the home loan that will allow the Scholl’s new house to take shape.

The builders have been booked, the rain tanks are on site at the farm, and the Scholls are started to get excited about the first bricks being laid.
For Andrew in particular it’s been the fulfilment of a family legacy. He is a fifth-generation farmer on this property and has long wanted to build a new home there.

“We could have got a loan from a bank to build a home in town, but that’s not what we wanted.

“We bought the farm from my parents and we’ve just been working to improve it all the time.”

“Building a home here has been the dream,” he said.

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