Mother, Belmont

QTMB member since 1973

Jacobie-and-AttilaMy parents were some of the very first members of Queensland Teachers Credit Union, and I’ve had my accounts there since I was born. I’ve stayed with QT Mutual Bank because of the personal service. I’ve kept everything with QTMB, from my first car to now my home loan.

The staff are very friendly, they get to know you and always say hello. It’s like going to a restaurant – food can be the same anywhere, so you tend to go where the service is better. I feel the same with my bank, and it’s definitely part of the attraction. I like to go where I feel comfortable and at QTMB the staff go out of their way to help.

My husband and I are hoping to expand our family in the not too distant future, so we’re trying to build up a bit of a buffer by getting a little bit in front with our loan. I’ve always made extra payments, but now we’ve increased the frequency of our payments to weekly and it’s really helped. It gives that little bit of extra breathing room, which for me is a real feeling of comfort.

When we were looking to take out our loan my husband did the research and shopped around. QTMB had competitive rates and I was confident that I was getting the best deal as well as the best service. I would recommend QTMB to my family and friends – we’ve had nothing but good experiences whenever we’ve needed anything.

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