Millards keep banking in the family

Jean and Derrik Millard

For Jean and Derrik Millard, banking with Heritage Bank is like being part of a family.

They’ve been with Heritage for more than 30 years – and their children have followed in their footsteps by also banking with Heritage.

When the retired couple from Brisbane’s northside needed a car loan recently, they knew they’d receive great service and advice from Heritage.

“When we went to buy the car, someone asked us why we went with Heritage,” Mrs Millard said.

“We just like what Heritage has to offer, we always know where we stand , and we know there ‘s no need to read the small print like you have to with some of the others to find out if you can pay extra or pay off the loan early .

“The service we get is excellent, nothing is too much trouble, which is why we’ve stayed with Heritage over the years.”

Mrs Millard said they had been with Heritage since 1980, funding several mortgages, personal and car loans through the bank.

Their original home loan in Queensland was organised through a Heritage mini branch in Redcliffe, with Kippa Ring and now North Lakes branches continuing to offer great service over the past three decades.

“They treat you more like a friend than a customer,” Mrs Millard said. “We’re really happy. We wouldn’t have stayed for so long if we weren’t happy.”

The next generation of the Millard family is also in the Heritage fold, with two of Jean and Derrik’s daughters banking with Heritage thanks initially to their parents’ recommendation.

Brisbane mum Jacquie Riddell has a mortgage with Heritage, and was pleased to switch from another bank for a two per cent saving on the interest rate.

“Debbie from the North Lakes branch was really helpful and did all the calculations on the savings with Heritage,” Ms Riddell said.

“I like going into the branch rather than using internet banking because the customer service is really good.”

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